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Microsoft Whiteboard app is now live on Teams, Android, and the web

Microsoft Whiteboard

In June 2021, Microsoft released an updated version of its Whiteboard app. Microsoft Whiteboard is a digital interactive whiteboard app that enables collaborations with other people and brainstorming on a project or idea. You can draw together and develop ideas, or it can be used for educational purposes, it has replaced the need for everyone to be in the same room and staring at an old-fashioned whiteboard on the wall.

Microsoft have now announced that the new Whiteboard app can be used on Microsoft Teams, on Android and the web. This will then be followed by a release for iOS devices soon.

Microsoft Whiteboard has now introduced an updated user interface that will make it easier to use collaborate and use features in real time. There are now over 40 templates, new sticky notes and note grid options. The new version of Whiteboard is aimed at both desktop and mobile users allowing collaboration in the office or on the move.

Another feature is the ability to provide feedback directly onto the whiteboard. Under the reactions tab there are several fun stickers that can be used to react to what is happening. Stickers such as hearts, a smiley face, thumbs up and more allow users to provide feedback in an entertaining way.

Reaction Stickers

Another feature allows the users to change the background colours and pattern of the whiteboard. This makes it easier for the users to edit their content on the whiteboard with alignments, rotating and snapping options.

Format Background

Finally, there will be another large update coming will have collaborative cursors, collaboration roster, laser pointer, and more. We will keep you updated when we hear more about this update.