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We’ve teamed up with Juberi Group, the Smart Building architects to enhance our offering.

It’s about being smart with a smart building.

Though the definition of a smart building is “a building that’s connected to the internet”, a smart building really is so much more. A smart building comprises thousands of sensors around a building, which interconnect, to control the building, the lighting, the power, the water, the alarms, the fire system… (we could go on!).

How we help your business develop
more powerful technology…

From booking meeting rooms to pre-ordering a coffee, there’s no doubt that smart buildings make the world a better place. Not to mention in today’s energy crisis, they are considerably cheaper to heat. Since COVID-19, the benefits of smart buildings were truly realised with the capabilities to track individuals around smart buildings to understand who is where and when. The possibilities indeed are endless but, if not managed correctly, these wonderfully interconnected systems can also pose a major threat to a business through catastrophic security breaches and hacking.

Everything from preventative maintenance to room bookings and cyber security must be managed through a fully integrated IT and OT (operational technology) environment.

Our role, as your smart building specialist, is look to segregate your smart building’s networks down so that everything is isolated. This means that If an attack were to occur, it doesn’t affect every system within the building.

CETSAT operates around forty buildings around London and Canary Wharf, helping business operators understand their environments and help to control them and their third parties.

The 3 key components of a smart building


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Whether it’s crucial IT and telecoms infrastructure, safety systems or HVAC, a smarter building keeps everything running efficiently. Failures are minimised through preventive maintenance and any issues that do occur are quickly diagnosed and repaired to keep everyone connected and cause minimal disruption.


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It’s simple. Building occupiers just want to know that everything works as it should. It’s about keeping the simple things (like booking meeting rooms) simple. With no over complications or confusion. A smarter building makes all of this possible.


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A modern commercial building has many functions. There are multiple systems that help people collaborate and work safely, comfortably and efficiently. Modern technology makes all of these functions easy to control with minimal disruption or human intervention.

Our expert building management team lead the way in smart buildings. We are proud to have designed, monitored and supported in some of the biggest buildings and sites across the UK (talk about a tall order!).

How we help your business develop
more powerful technology…

We’re now part of the Juberi Group

Juberi is an initiative that unites three distinct companies together. With one vision and one goal – to raise the standard of design, delivery and regulation for building management environments. Check out our video below to find out more about what the Juberi Group has to offer.

How we help your business develop
more powerful technology…

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