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There’s a new industrial revolution already underway. It’s driven by technology. But not always new technology.

Did you know that you could be using less than 40% of your technology’s true potential? Or to add more value… Did you know that you could unlock over 60% more potential from of your current technology?

If you’re like the average business, you might already own most of the IT tools you need to transform how you work. But did you know that you could be using less than 40% of its true potential? By flipping the switch, CETSAT is here to help you unlock a large proportion of what you already own. Taking you from being an ‘average business’ to an exceptionally high performing business.

We’ll move you out of the blocks faster than your competition to reap the rewards of technology, automation and streamlined, smart processes. It’s about being part of an industry shift, rather than it simply passing you by!

Be more intelligent

If modern businesses run on data, how reliable and usable is yours? CETSAT’s approach to business data is summed up by ‘capture once and use multiple times to add value and intelligence.’

Here’s our three steps to success:

It’s never been easier to filter and extract subsets of data for specific users. Everyone sees exactly what they need to make better decisions. And they can access data whenever and wherever they need it.

Data tells a story. But sometimes it needs a little help so it can engage, inform and persuade. CETSAT can help you automate the process of turning raw data into compelling visuals that help the whole team focus on what really matters.

Customer feedback, process efficiency and KPI tracking all improve when you can collect data efficiently and make it usable and accessible. It will then shine a light on the most critical parts of your business.

Imagine a business where no tasks are duplicated. Where repetitive, low-value operations are fully automated and don’t tie up valuable human resources. What would that mean for productivity, customer service and profitability? There’s so much more to the cloud than remote working. Cloud-based technologies and familiar platforms like Microsoft 365 have the capability to transform how you work – yet most businesses merely scratch the surface.

By helping you to migrate your business systems to the cloud, and use detailed process mapping to build a different type of business, you can to take full advantage of cloud-based services.

The transformation may involve bespoke applications to meet specific business needs or it might simply be a case of making your existing systems work together more intelligently. Regardless of the journey to get there, the outcome of satisfaction and efficiency is always the same.

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Be more efficient

what you pay for

Widely used tools such as Microsoft 365 have a wealth of productivity features that most businesses don’t take full advantage of.

For example, we have deployed SharePoint lists and Power Automate for multiple businesses to automate workflows and improve the efficiency of data collection, analysis and sharing. Many consultancies aim to sell you even more software. Our starting point is always: ‘what do you already have and how can we make it do what you need?’.

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Widely-available tools might cover 90% of what you need (if you know how to use them). But sometimes the real value lies in the processes that are unique to your business. This is where bespoke software that integrates seamlessly into your business comes to light.

With bespoke software, the specification phase is critical. This is where we capture exactly what you want to achieve so that the application delivers what you need. The benefits can be enormous when investments are carefully targeted based on CETSAT’s detailed process mapping and analysis. Giving you a competitive advantage, business intelligence and process efficiency in one!

Pay for
what you use

more customers

Technology brings the opportunity to engage more customers and we can show you how to do it more cost-effectively. At CETSAT, we build beautifully designed websites complete with advanced SEO features. We can also integrate your website with back-end systems for inventory, accounting or CRMs. We also run fully-optimised Adwords campaigns to drive high-quality traffic to your site and improve lead generation.

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When you acquire a business, you also acquire systems, processes but most notably potential security vulnerabilities. CETSAT’s expert analysis helps to make the due diligence process more detailed and informative. Identifying security vulnerabilities at the earliest opportunity. You will be given a robust transition plan for merging processes and rationalising technology, along with an assessment of any security vulnerabilities that need to be addressed as a priority.

Likewise, if you’re thinking of selling your business, CETSAT can provide a detailed technology review covering key systems, assets and cybersecurity considerations for potential buyers. This will save you time, improve your credibility and possibly even add to the value of your sale. It also helps avoid any last-minute queries that could delay the deal.

De-risks, mergers and acquisitions

CETSAT is part of the
Juberi group

The Juberi Group are smart building architects who are transforming the way smart buildings are delivered. Working in close collaboration, we can design and implement a complete smart building solution, bespoke to your business needs. A solution that will save you time and money while reducing previously unavoidable business risks.

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A smarter business in a smarter building

A smart building is a healthy, resilient building that’s cheaper to heat and easier to operate. They use automated processes to control day to day business operations. Everything from preventative maintenance to room bookings and cyber security is managed through a fully integrated IT and OT (operational technology) environment. This allows you to enhance your performance in 3× key business areas:

Whether it’s crucial IT and telecoms infrastructure, safety systems or HVAC, a smarter building keeps everything running efficiently. Failures are minimised through preventive maintenance and any that occur are quickly diagnosed and repaired to keep everyone working with minimal disruption.

Building occupiers just want to get on with business and be confident that everything works as it should. They want simple things (such as booking meeting rooms) to be simple. A smarter building makes all of this possible.

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