Monitoring, backup
& disaster recovery

It’s important to have the measures in place before anything happens!

Ask yourself…

Ask yourself… If your IT systems were compromised tomorrow, what would you do? Have you tested how easy it would be to retrieve data from back-ups and be up and running again quickly?

Most SME businesses ask these questions after a breach has happened – and often when it’s too late. When the disruption to your operations and damage to your brand’s reputation is already done. That’s why we work hard to flip the switch. Shifting your mindset as well as your strategy to become more proactive around effective backup and recovery.

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The unsung heroes of the security portfolio, but arguably the most important are tried and tested backups. Here at CETSAT we offer an array of cost-effective backup solutions. Covering both on-premises and cloud requirements. Whether data loss is a result of a security compromise or just an accidental deletion, its impact on any organisation can be devastating. So, by having a comprehensive strategy and technology aligned to this, the risk to your organisation can be reduced dramatically.


Technology should operate optimally when you need it, and should issues arise, these are identified proactively and systems returned efficiently to a working state. At CETSAT all of our managed clients benefit from remote monitoring and maintenance of their infrastructure meaning that we usually spot and address an issue silently, long before it becomes a problem or noticed by end users. This could be anything from an issue with services on your server, patches that need to be applied in the night, an outage on your connectivity or suspicious activity from someone trying to access your infrastructure from the outside world.

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Disaster recovery

Sometimes, no matter what measures are in place, the unexpected occurs. A cyber-attack will inevitably be one of those unexpected incidents and if the worst does happen you will find yourself needing a calm and experienced hand to guide you back to full operational effectiveness with minimum drama. That’s where we come in. Whilst no one can guarantee the immediate, full recovery of data or availability of systems, our experience of both the technical and governance required in such circumstances is unsurpassed, and we’ve become the first port of call for many clients seeking assurance, support and quick action. Our team’s sensible and pragmatic approach when under pressure is second to none and we use this to our advantage, recovering an organisation as quickly and efficiently as possible. Better still, we have experience of assisting with media relations and know exactly what information is required to inform and update both customers and suppliers. So, we’re fully equipped to support your business with any crisis communication and reporting. You’re always in safe hands with us. We call it the CETSAT promise.

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