CETSAT is an IT firm specialising in digital transformation, managed technical services, cyber security and software development – based in the heart of Somerset, but with a client portfolio extending up the M4 corridor, into London, and beyond to the rest of the UK.

Durgan Cooper

The founder of the company, Durgan Cooper, is moving into a new role as Chairman and will be replaced in the day-to-day management of the company by Alan Watkins, who was previously an integral part of Durgan’s team as Head of IT & Cyber.

Alan will also be joined by a Sales Director, Paul Rowe, who has been recruited to the company in a new role which will bring CETSAT’s vision to previously untouched areas and industries – alongside Michelle Dymond as Commercial Director, and Tao Ball as Software Director.

CETSAT was formed in 2001, with the mantra to ‘do things different, do things better.’ That has been diligently applied to the company’s work for over two decades, resulting in a record number projects, staff and clients. With over 500 years of combined experienced across the team, CETSAT is well placed to continue its development.

Durgan Cooper, CETSAT Chairman, commented:

“I’m embarking on a new journey, passing the baton of leadership to the capable hands of Alan Watkins, Michelle Dymond ,Tao Ball, and Paul Rowe. Their vision and drive assure me that CETSAT’s future is brighter than ever.

Throughout these years, we’ve navigated the ebbs and flows inherent in any business. It’s been a journey made richer by the dedication and talent of our past and present staff. Their collective efforts have sculpted CETSAT into the remarkable entity it is today.

I also wish to express my deepest gratitude to our clients, some of whom have been our steadfast companions since our inception in 2001. Witnessing your evolution and successes has been nothing short of inspiring. It’s been an honour to partner with such a diverse and dynamic group of business leaders and innovators.”

Alan Watkins, Managing Director, added:

“Taking on the role of Managing Director is an exciting challenge, especially with how CETSAT is so tantalisingly poised to continue its impressive growth. We’re expanding into new industries, with new services, so it’s a real pleasure for me to be able to help guide this positive development.

Technology is developing at a rapid pace, which brings both challenges and opportunities. We are blessed with an incredibly capable team who are taking full advantage of the fast-moving landscape, delivering an evolving portfolio of ever-improving services for our clients.

From cyber security to software development, digital transformation to support services, CETSAT’s unique offering is one that will continue to grow – we’re all looking forward to contributing to its progress.”

CETSAT background:

Our services include:

Managed technical services & Project delivery

Specialise in looking after clients’ infrastructure, connectivity, hardware, end-users and much more.

Cyber security:

A growing specialty of ours. Our consultants now provide vulnerability scans, penetration testing, cyber central certification, patching, maintenance, and monitoring.

Digital transformation:

This specialist team seeks to empower clients to maximise the performance of their existing technology by unlocking the power of what the technology is capable of doing.


Our bespoke software team creates unique applications, mobile apps, web design, hosting and SEO

Building management:

Our expert team lead the way in smart building design, monitoring and support in some of the largest buildings and sites in the UK.

In short, we are a tactical business partner for companies who wish to achieve more through a methodical approach to their technology. Ready and able to move quickly and easily, we have worked hard to perfect our team’s ways of working. Often becoming the first choice for organisations who require robust and secure technology platforms hosted within their own infrastructure or in the cloud.

During our two decades of trading, we have enabled the growth of both small and international companies, allowing them to harness the power of technology and use this to their competitive advantage.