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Since 2001 CETSAT have helped businesses to grow and adapt to the ever-changing world around us. Better preparing them for the challenges they face today, as well as the challenges we expect to face tomorrow. In that time, we have seen some businesses grow exponentially, and we’ve been proud to support them through their expansion journey with the development of software and supporting in some of the greatest hardware decisions to ensure they are ready for now and for the years to come.

We can all call upon examples of businesses that ‘grew too quickly’ and eventually started letting down loyal customers. What these businesses typically fail to do is anticipate how they would need to operate as a larger business and by default, failing to put key technology foundations in place.


Through our decades of expertise, we have helped businesses with their digital transformation. Supporting organisations of all sizes and sectors in breaking out of the mould to go from static office spaces to the cloud. We’ve broken down the physical and cultural barriers, to open up so many possibilities by allowing business owners and their staff to remotely connect at home or wherever they are in the world. We’ve also taken the lead on the development and implementation of IT processes. Applying our in-house knowledge and skillset to the bespoke nature of your business to uncover solutions that are not only more cost effective but more time efficient. Freeing up staff for other, more pressing tasks within the business.

Why is this important we hear you ask? Well, as your business grows, the impacts of bottlenecks and inefficiencies grow with it. Restraining your ambition and limiting your potential for success. By investing in building an efficient and productive technology infrastructure now, we can spare you the disruption of changing technology and the headaches that often come with it. Setting you up for success at every opportunity.

Performance within an organisation is best achieved, and measured by having a technology platform which is built fit-for-purpose and managed professionally.

Technology has the capability to operate optimally as and when you need it. Yet too often we perceive it to be a stroke of good luck when our IT processing all falls into place. Should issues arise, these issues should be identified proactively with systems returned efficiently to a working state. It should never be catastrophic. But too often we see that it is. At CETSAT we are at the forefront of driving a considerable cultural shift in how we view technology and IT processing. It’s about having the confidence and believability in what your platforms can do that elevate you higher in your growth strategy.


Our heritage originates from designing enterprise platforms which have been seamlessly applied to the SME market. Whether it’s a simple desktop refresh or designing and implementing an entirely new private cloud, we’ll work with you to understand your operational needs in order to design, deliver and implement a solution that’s fit for purpose both for today and for tomorrow.

Working with industry leading vendors including Microsoft, Dell, Juniper, SonicWALL, and Citrix we’re adept at achieving ‘secure by design’, reliable and highly sophisticated platforms for your business. But our service doesn’t stop at implementing new technology. We’ll devise a completely tailored solution that puts all the right products in the right places so you can continue to make the most of your existing infrastructure, whilst leveraging all the possibilities of emerging technology.

Think of it this way… Before a doctor prescribes medication, they must first assess and diagnose the symptoms. We often feel like doctors (of the digital world) and can help businesses to better understand what solutions should be prescribed and administered to eradicate the bottlenecks in a company’s production or as it prepares for growth.

We use the globally recognised methodology called ITIL (Information Technology Infrastructure Library) which is a set of detailed practices for IT service management (ITSM) that focuses on aligning IT services with the needs of business. We help organisations identify where they are today, where they want to be tomorrow, and suitably plug the gap between. With a clear plan of how to structure technology to achieve the greatest of aspirations.

technology doctors

We’re firm believers that the art is in keeping things simple. And believe it or not, even in an IT space this can be possible. Our highly capable and thriving team of consultants have experience of working at a global, national and local level to deliver some of the most complex business architecture with simple clarity and finesse. Creating transparency and visibility to all within an organisation, to ensure complete buy-in and embracement across the board. 

We use simple techniques to help business leaders bring their vision to life. Aligning people, processes and technology.


At CETSAT, we are also able to offer an array of highly customisable telephony solutions, including on-premise, hosted, or hybrid; SIP trunks, and call recording. From simple DDI through to advanced unified communications, we will provide you, through our network of trusted partners, the solution that best meets your business requirements. Whether you are a call-centre, have a reception desk, or want something that will follow your users around wherever they are working, we’ve got everything you need to stay connected, and keep talking.


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