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It’s been estimated that there are 65,000 attempts to hack the IT systems of UK SMEs every day (source: CSO).

Every 19 seconds one small business in the UK is successfully hacked (Hiscox).

What can you do to make sure it isn’t you?

With extensive expertise gained in the defence and enterprise sectors, CETSAT has selected specific products and services that offer appropriate ‘right-sized’ safeguards to SME businesses in the face of ever-emerging threats.

Recent projects included designing and implementing the IT network for Hinkley Point nuclear power station.

your risks

It isn’t just the immediate effects of lost data or intellectual property that can harm your business. Would you continue to trade with a business that had just suffered a data breach?

Building robust cyber security starts with a full analysis of potential risks before putting appropriate technology and policies in place. Never forget that staff you haven’t trained on cyber security risks are often your biggest vulnerability.

CETSAT is an Accredited Cyber Essentials (ACE) Practitioner. The government-backed Cyber Essentials scheme is a cost-effective assurance mechanism for companies of all sizes. It demonstrates to customers and other stakeholders that you have implemented fundamental cyber security controls.

Robust cyber security architecture and practices are essential features of GDPR compliance.

Contact CETSAT to start your Cyber Essentials assessment.

Manage your risks

The most appropriate cyber security measures for your organisation will depend on the nature of your business and your attitude to risk. CETSAT will help you make an informed choice about the measures you put in place and we’ll help you ensure they are configured to offer effective protection.

Using advanced cyber threat analytics we’re able to detect the signs of potentially malicious activity that firewalls and endpoint security products fail to spot.

Cyber security measures include:


If your IT systems were compromised tomorrow, what would you do? Have you tested how easy it would be to retrieve data from back-ups and be up and running again quickly?

Most SME businesses ask these questions after a breach has already happened – when it’s too late.

CETSAT will help you implement a proportionate and effective backup and recovery strategy, with supporting technology to limit your risk.

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