Your tactical business

Giving you a real competitive edge.

Many consultancies aim to sell you even more software.

Our starting point is always: ‘what do you already have and how can we adapt it to do what you need?

Your tactical
business partner

In short, we are a tactical business partner for companies who wish to achieve more through a methodical approach to their technology. Ready and able to move quickly and easily, we have worked hard to perfect our team’s ways of working. Often becoming the first choice for organisations who require robust and secure technology platforms hosted within their own infrastructure or in the cloud. During our two decades of trading, we have enabled the growth of both small and international companies, allowing them to harness the power of technology and use this to their competitive advantage.

As a business going from strength to strength, we couldn’t be prouder of our teams who offer countless years of experience in some of the most niche of areas.

Together with our clients we have achieved some incredible milestones over multiple decades. Gaining maximum performance from technology in ways never quite imagined before. We may be your technology partner but most importantly we’re an extension of your team. Completely tuned into your business goals and objectives, and with a view to get your technology to a point at which it can achieve them.

We put your
technology to work

Our teams include:

Managed technical services & Project delivery

Specialise in looking after clients’ infrastructure, connectivity, hardware, end-users and much more.

Cyber security

A growing specialty of ours. Our consultants now provide vulnerability scans, penetration testing, cyber central certification, patching, maintenance, and monitoring.

Digital transformation

This specialist team seeks to empower clients to maximise the performance of their existing technology by unlocking the power of what the technology is capable of doing.


Our bespoke software team creates unique applications, mobile apps, web design, hosting and SEO.

Building management

Our expert team lead the way in smart building design, monitoring and support in some of the largest buildings and sites in the UK.

We’re adaptive…

CETSAT are adaptive, we can be where you need us, when you need us, to help with any business technology needs you have. But don’t just take our word for it. To find out why we are the right business partner for you, check out what our client partners have to say! Feel free to browse our latest case studies and articles below. They really don’t disappoint.

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