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Our approach is to understand how your business works today – and how you’d ideally like it to work in the future. We then build a technical architecture specifically for you. From your perspective you’ll have crucial business systems that “work simply and simply work.”

Work simply and simply work

Often this will involve a mix of readily available tools and bespoke applications that align technology with your people and processes.

Successful project implementation is assured by CETSAT’s experienced project management team using Prince2 and agile methodologies.

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Improve collaboration
and communication

People increasingly need to work in different ways and in different places. An informed approach to technology is essential.

The right tools used in the right way make it simpler for people to collaborate and communicate – wherever and however they work.

CETSAT will help you get the best out of collaborative tools such as Microsoft Teams and SharePoint so that they make a positive contribution to improving the flow of information for staff, customers and stakeholders.

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For many businesses, implementing flexible working was done in a hurry. How many inefficiencies and vulnerabilities were introduced as a result? Switching to flexible and remote working demands a different approach to endpoint security and, ideally, a switch to tools and infrastructure specifically designed for the task.

With a measured approach to technology, flexible working can be part of your transition to improved processes and more intelligent working.

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Secure, flexible working

A platform for growth

We all know examples of companies that ‘grew too quickly’ and eventually started letting down loyal customers. What these businesses typically fail to do is anticipate how they would need to operate as a larger business and then put the right technology foundations in place.

As your business grows, the impacts of bottlenecks and inefficiencies grow with it. Eventually, they become a brake on your ambition. Building an efficient and productive technology infrastructure now will save you the disruption of changing technology once the cracks start to widen.

During the last two decades, CETSAT has supported and worked alongside many organisations who have experienced exponential growth and we have been there to not only support their business platform, but assisted and enabled their development through the application of technology within their organisation.

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CETSATS’s managed IT services ensure your business-critical technology stays up to date and evolves as your business grows and adapts to new opportunities and market conditions.

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Managed technical services

Account management

When it comes to account management, we put the emphasis on management and value creation. Your account manager is an extension of your management team – always seeking to understand where your business is going and looking for ways to use technology to help you achieve more, save money and improve effectiveness.

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