Remote working

Helping you get to grips with the new normal!

It’s a fact

Remote working is here to stay but it’s now a question of whether you’re willing to embrace it, or risk being left behind…

Within CETSAT, we offer all of our teams flexible working and thanks to our cloud-based systems there is nothing that our staff can’t do from home. We are big advocates for remote working, priding ourselves on being able to recognise the opportunities, as well as the benefits that remote working can provide. Whether it be to cultivate a better work-life balance for the individual, or reducing operational costs for the business, there’s a lot of perks to working from home. 

That said, remote working does carry its own inherent risks so it’s important to be clued up to mitigate these risks wherever possible. As a business who champions remote working, we regularly share our knowledge and experience with clients so they can take our learnings and actively apply it to their own remote working strategies.

Getting to grips
with the ‘new normal’

Cyber security

Cyber security should never be an afterthought in your business strategy. Especially when it comes to remote working. At CETSAT we can work with you to identify and manage any potential risk to your company data by setting up the necessary safeguards to best protect your assets. From multifactor authentication to VPNs and readily available technical support, we will do everything we can to allow your staff to work as safely and securely at home, as they would in the office.

Your people are the first and greatest line of defence against cyber threats. We offer cyber-security training and upskilling through our Cybsafe programme.

Remote working has redefined the way we communicate with one another so taking the time to understand the options and tools at your disposal is essential. At CETSAT we use a variety of feature rich online tools for our own daily communication and collaboration tasks. We’ve also helped many companies set up their own too. For example, implementing and configuring platforms such as Microsoft Teams to allow staff to communicate in real time either over text, a face-to-face call via webcam or even connect your telephony into Teams. The outcome? The ability to  use fixed line numbers on your workstations and mobile devices. We even offer training from our digital transformation team who are the experts in the variety of communication platforms out there.

If you’re interested in setting up your company for remote working, or if you would like us to review your current remote working setup to maximise the opportunity, then please contact us today!



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