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Bespoke software creation

Widely-available tools might cover 90% of what you need (if you know how to use them). But sometimes the real value lies in the processes that are unique to your business. This is where bespoke software that integrates seamlessly into your business is a real game changer.

With bespoke software the specification phase is critical. We use this phase to identify your end goal and map out exactly what you want to achieve. We then use this insight as a benchmark to ensure that the application we design confidently delivers on these goals. Why is this important? Well, that’s easy! Although the clue is already in the name ‘bespoke’… too many vendors out there try to take a one-size-fits-all approach to software solutions – convincing you that their existing products are the perfect match for your business. The emphasis however needs to come from us as the experts stretching our knowledge and capabilities to best suit the needs of your business. By avoiding ‘off-the-shelf’ software there’s no wasted functionality or missing features. Only what you need. When you need it.


The returns from your investment in bespoke software is a competitive advantage, resulting in robust business intelligence and process efficiency. The benefits can be enormous when investments are carefully calculated based on CETSAT’s detailed process mapping and analysis.

Automation tools, databases and portals; on-site, in the cloud or over the web, no matter what your requirements, we can deliver a bespoke solution that optimises operational efficiency and increases productivity. With a proven track record of delivering bespoke solutions on time and in budget, we’re adept at working across a range of technologies and platforms to ensure the most relevant and cost-effective deployment. From inception and design, to implementation and support, our experienced team have all of the know-how to deliver a solution that’s right for you.

How we help your business develop
more powerful technology…

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Website design

Whether you’re a newly founded business keen to build your brand’s presence, or an established enterprise looking to freshen up your appearance online, we have the design, copywriting and digital skills needed to build beautiful websites within a budget. Complete with advanced SEO features. We can also take the lead with any integration of back-end systems for inventory, accounting or CRMs. Our experienced website team will walk you through the steps from concept to design and implementation, ensuring that your website does not only look the part, but plays the part too. Being hosted securely in an environment that is monitored and maintained on a continual basis by our team of in-house professionals.

Integration of a business application is a common requirement for our client websites. As such we are able to extract information from other business applications and provide these either openly on the website or within secure areas enabling business customers and partners to gain updates on your own service delivery and capabilities, without having to affect your staff’s productivity.

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Secure by design

Does what it says on the tin. All of our software solutions are designed from the ground up to be safe and secure against compromise. The tools and techniques delivered by CETSAT are capable of security updates and we only use tried and tested methodologies to minimise risk. We usually develop in widely understood Microsoft technologies upon the Microsoft Azure platform. This provides a secure, flexible and resilient environment on which to host your business-critical applications. Whilst we can deploy applications into your own infrastructure, by utilising the cloud you could have at least one less server to maintain, patch, backup and replace.

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Reporting solutions

Is your existing system failing to produce the data you need to analyse your business? Or you have a new off-the-shelf system that you need to integrate with your historical systems?

Then look no further. As your trusted partner, and business advisor, we pride ourselves on being able to get under the skin of your business needs. With increasing reliance on digital data to make informed business decisions, we are able to enhance the reporting capabilities from common off the shelf products by merging these with other operational systems. Translating data with ease into the right technical and design database reports, as well as implementing integrations to elevate your operations. Providing greater visibility and reducing the need for manual effort to create and interpret meaningful reports.

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Digital marketing

Entry level – Low code applications

Using the Microsoft Power Platform in 365, we can create low to no code applications and automations to allow your staff to be more productive with the existing systems you have in place. We can also offer training on how to use this platform to enable your staff to further help themselves should they spot further room for improvement efficiency wise.

Search engine optimisation and keywords

The web is a highly competitive marketplace so it’s vital your website grabs attention by shouting the right things, in the right place at the right time. Search engine providers are constantly changing the standards for optimisation and keeping track can be a minefield. That’s why we invest heavily in ensuring our team can stay ahead of the curve. Constantly refreshing our knowledge and getting up to speed with the best practices for search and web optimisation. By sharing our knowledge, we can help you climb the ranks above your competitors and get you seen in front of a larger online audience. We also run fully-optimised Adwords campaigns to drive high-quality traffic to your site and improve lead generation.

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