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Slack is the collaboration platform that brings teams, information, and tools together. We at CETSAT use Slack right at the core of our business to send information across the company. The main use for Slack within CETSAT is to communicate between each other and other departments with video and voice calls.

There is now a new release and way to communicate using Slack, you can now send a recorded video or voice clip. Simply record the clip through Slack and share it with your teammates. They will then be able to watch, listen and reply to the clip when they have the time. This way saving everyone time having to wait for someone to answer or be free for a chat.

Slack video and audio clips could be used to replace a weekly meeting, you could simply record a short clip and send to all relevant colleagues on any updates or progress that has been made through the week. You could share what you are working on with others in your department by recording your screen and showing your team mates how you are progressing with a project, or simply just say hello and touch base with someone you haven’t spoken to in a while.

How To Record & Send A Video / Audio Clip

On the relevant slack channel where you wish to post your clip, at the bottom there is a video camera and microphone icons.  These will allow you to record a video or audio clip.

Record Video and Audio

If you click on the ‘Record video clip’ button this will then open a screen where you will be able to record your video clip, simply click on the ‘Record’ button, this will then set off a 3 second timer. When the timer runs out you can then begin to record your video. There are several options on the screen including ‘Share Screen’ which allows you to show what you are currently working on with viewers of the clip. There is also a pause button where you can pause the recording and give yourself some time before you carry on.

Once you have finished recording your video click ‘Stop’ and this will then show you a preview of your video to watch and give you the option to download it, try again or a ‘next’ button. If you click on the next button it will then open the text option and you can type a note about the video clip if needed.

record screen

If you click on the ‘Record audio clip’ this will open a recording bar and begin recording straight away. Once you are happy with the clip you can click the blue tick to stop recording, this will then open the text option and you can type a note about the audio clip if you wish.

Audio Clip

Slack video and audio clips are available on paid Slack subscriptions across desktop and mobile, so go and give it a go!