Our customers count on us to help protect them against data loss and we offer this in 3 tiers for on- premise files and servers with our CETSAT Managed Backups. We now offer this same level of protection for all Microsoft 365 customers meaning we can now retain full control over the recoverability of all your data and can always be ready to help you in your time of need. Whether accidental deletion or data retention requirements are your concern, CETSAT’s Data Protection and Backup solution for Microsoft 365 is here to help.

This solution does not require any onsite or offsite hardware and leverages the encrypted and secure cloud storage we already use for our customers using CETSAT’s TIER 2 and TIER 3 offsite backups. As this solution is Cloud to Cloud it also has zero impact on your internet speed or capacity, plus with the huge amount of storage we own in the cloud it means we can backup multiple times each day and offer a much larger retention period.

Point in Time Recovery

With our solution we take multiple backups every day and can offer a “Point in Time Recovery”. This solution backs up entire Exchange mailboxes up to six times a day, and OneDrive and SharePoint up to four times a day, giving you multiple daily restore points meaning we can easily choose the point you want, and recover any of the following really fast without reliance upon Microsoft support responsiveness;

  • –  Individual, Multiple or Folders of Emails
  • –  Exchange Contacts
  • –  Exchange Calendars
  • –  OneDrive Files or Folders (for individuals)
  • –  SharePoint/TEAMS File or Folders (for company sites)

Other benefits of our solution include;

Protection against data loss: Users can often unwittingly (or purposely) delete important emails, or OneDrive or SharePoint files. If this happens CETSAT have the ability to quickly search for and recover what you need.

Access to email for ex-employees: If employees leave and you don’t want to continue paying a subscription fee simply to store their email and shared documents, our solution offers an additional way to retain and access this data.

Support for compliance: If you are responsible for an organisation that falls under regulations with data-retention requirements, our solution can be used to help you retain and archive critical data.

Easy management: We can manually select which accounts and mailboxes you want to protect, or automatically add newly created Microsoft 365 accounts to the backup schedule.

How can you get protected?

All CETSAT all will need is a Global Admin Account to your Microsoft 365 Tenancy which we already have if your purchase Microsoft 365 from us, if not we can easily set one up. We can then look at your tenancy and provide you with a list of users for you to confirm if you would like to protect them.

Exchange Users: Each licensed Exchange Users Mailbox can be protected and this also includes their personal OneDrive Storage too – up to a fair use policy of 1TB per mailbox and OneDrive per user

All Shared Mailboxes can also be protected, and these will not incur any cost.

SharePoint & TEAMS: All SharePoint & TEAMS data can be backed up and this is billed per user, per month according to the number of licensed Microsoft 365 Accounts on your tenancy that have a SharePoint Online 1 licence – this includes but is not limited to;

  • –  Microsoft 365 Business Basic (formally Office 365 Business Essentials)
  • –  Microsoft 365 Business Standard (formally Office 365 Business Premium)
  • –  Microsoft 365 Business Premium (formally Microsoft 365 Business)
  • –  Microsoft 365 F3 (formally Microsoft 365 F1)
  • –  Microsoft 365 E1 (formally Office 365 E1)
  • –  Microsoft 365 E3 (formally Office 365 E3)
  • –  Microsoft 365 E5 (formally Office 365 E3)

Each of the protected users will also have their personal OneDrive Storage protected too at no extra cost. – up to a fair use policy of 1TB per OneDrive per user


More and more businesses are moving all their emails, users data and company data to Microsoft 365 (formally Office 365) and using Exchange Online, OneDrive, SharePoint and the massive success that TEAMS has become.

The primary focus within Microsoft 365 is ensuring that service and data availability are not disrupted and there is not really a solution in the world that is as large, all-encompassing and as powerful as Microsoft, reducing the need for onsite servers, storage, power, warranties and more. What’s more, if something does go wrong with any of their services they have the might ofMicrosoft’s own engineers thrown at it to get it resolved in no time at all.

While Microsoft does a great job of reducing the risk of downtime, this doesn’t reduce the risk of data loss, in-fact Microsoft actively advise that their 365 Customers are solely responsible for protecting their own data. This does not mean that Microsoft do not protect their customers data, in-fact your live data should always be available, however the options for data recovery are quite limited along with some very basic safety measures. This is more than understandable with the pure amount of data stored by millions of customers in Microsoft’s cloud, they can only offer so much in the terms of data retention and recovery.

The big fact here that all 365 customers need to be aware of, is that the Recycle Bins only acts as a safety net for deleted content. While data can be recovered from these Recycle Bins, it is not guaranteed, the retention for each is limited and once the data is out of retention, the data is gone forever.