More and more websites and services now offer 2FA and all companies use a standardised 2FA Technology, generating a time sensitive 6 – 9 digit code that you provide after supplying your password. This means there are apps out there that will manage your 2FA Codes for you like Google Authenticator, Microsoft Authenticator and our personal favourite AUTHY –

Google Authenticator is quite a simple offering however performs well, there is a caveat though that if you changed or lost your mobile phone you needed to setup all your 2FA Accounts again and when people like myself have over 20 websites secured with 2FA this was incredibly inconvenient!

Microsoft’s own Authenticator App is the only app that can be used for Office 365 Authentication (unless you use text messages) and can do 2FA for all your other sites just like Authy and Google Authenticator. Unlike

Google Authenticator (and only on an iOS Device iPhone, iPad) you have the option to backup your 2FA accounts to your iCloud account so long as you have a Windows Live Account. You can only run the app with all your 2FA accounts in on one device though and there is no such backup facility for Android Devices and there is no offering of a Desktop App for your Laptop or Desktop.

The bonus of Authy and why it gets the CETSAT seal of approval is it sets up an account using your Mobile Number and Email Address which then allows you to install Authy on your PC, Mac, Smart Phone and Smart Watch where all your 2FA Codes and accounts can then be backed up and synced between devices. With Authy, I simply log on at another location and all my 2FA Accounts come with me, no setup required.

Websites like Dropbox, Facebook, Google, Twitter, Nintendo, Slack, Lastpass, Stripe and many many more all support 2FA

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