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Biopharma are a leading contract research organisation who offer a comprehensive suite of services to the biopharmaceutical industry. With a focus on analytical and bioanalytical expertise, the company excels in the characterisation of biomolecules, cell-based assays, and bioanalysis. They also provide expert formulation development, process development, and GMP manufacturing services, ensuring adherence to the highest quality standards. Their dedication to regulatory compliance and submission makes them a valuable partner for any biopharmaceutical company.

The Challenge

To continue upholding their track record for delivery, Biopharma approached CETSAT with a set of challenging tasks to ensure the successful implementation of their new telecommunication system, due to the fact that their current legacy technology was on the verge of being discontinued as well as creating an environment within Biopharma that was better geared towards hybrid working. CETSAT was tasked with setting up the Xoomtalk Portal backend, ready to accommodate a plethora of new users and devices. CETSAT also had to add users and handsets to the portal and assign any required extensions/direct dials.

Additionally, CETSAT was required to configure 25 physical handsets for the on-desk phone users, and add each user’s suggested EXT numbers/Direct dials. It was essential that CETSAT ensured all users were trained and empowered to use the new system, with testing carried out before going live. This was a critical step to guarantee a smooth transition and to ensure that the new system met the high standards of the industry.

Our Solution

CETSAT has successfully accomplished the installation of a Xoomtalk Portal backend, through a meticulous coordination with BPS and Xoomtalk to ensure all necessary assistance was received. We installed users and handsets to the portal with precision and attention to detail, ensuring all users were properly configured and connected. The task of configuring 25 physical handsets for on-desk phone users was a complex and relatively time-consuming challenge, but the team worked hard to successfully overcome any obstacles in a fast and reactive manner. Obtaining a placeholder number prior to the completion of number porting as well as setting up a call flow and any voicemail requirements was essential in ensuring a smooth transition process, of which we achieved with complete client satisfaction. Our team of experts conducted a series of training sessions with all individuals required to use the new system and remain on-hand for any queries or support requests moving forward.

Testimonial & Recommendation

BPS, Xoomtalk and CETSAT have worked closely to bring about the company’s transition to hosted VoIP from a legacy ISDN2 system before the legacy technology is discontinued by Openreach and to link up additional workers in what is now a hybrid working world.

As per the BPS IT plan 2021/2022, this made the best use of our new leased line and improved connectivity in Buildings 1 and 2; and the dedicated connection in the new production facility across the estate.

We were pleased to receive a considered phased transition plan before the project commenced, consultation on the particulars of implementation, sourcing of hardware and software, and a dedicated project team to liaise with the VoIP provider, our existing suppliers, and the office team at BPS. This ensured all feedback from key stakeholders was received, interpreted and mutually agreed upon to minimise technical headaches and any potential downtime.

At the conclusion of the project, we feel we have more options, better call quality and contract flexibility to scale our communications as the business expands. We would like to thank everyone at CETSAT who contributed to the project for the support time allocated to train users, troubleshoot quality of life issues and write guidance notes for our reference. We are confident that with CETSAT we are in good hands and have been kept abreast of all developments throughout.

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