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Process Mapping

The gateway to building a digital transformation strategy

Process Mapping

Process mapping is the gateway to building a digital transformation strategy. Gaining a clear understanding your company, gathering insights into your procedures and processes, and addressing any fields, areas, or ways of working that could be improved by better usage of technology is hugely important and something we can help with. Providing your work force with an optimal digital journey can be done with all new technologies or more importantly fully adopting all the features of pre-existing technologies which your company already pay for and have e.g. Microsoft 365.

The following six questions – Who, What, Why, Where, When, & How, are imperative to process mapping and allow us to use our software suite to create the big picture of your organisation, the work it does and who does what. It will include important pieces of information such as why and how they use the data, the software in use and where the data is located. This gives us a greater idea of the processes that are carried out. By looking in from outside the organisation, we can identify any repetition of tasks, duplication of data and areas for automations that can be done more effectively and design a comprehensive strategy to take your company successfully forward.

Most companies rarely have the time to give this the attention that it deserves, and we can offer you that time to go over your business to create a more user-friendly, efficient, and cost-effective process for the future.

The value of the outputs from process mapping (that big picture) is unimaginably high for businesses and can shine a light on areas of the business to focus on that leaders may not be aware of, even before any further work is planned.