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Microsoft Office Specialists

We are experts in Word, Excel, Access, PowerPoint, Macros and more

Microsoft Office Specialists

Within the Digital Transformation team, we have a wealth and breadth of knowledge to call upon, and are experts in the Microsoft Office suite, including but not limited to – Word, Excel, Access, PowerPoint & Macros.

Whether it be macros that automatically complete long and mundane tasks, or automatically generated complex reports built in Excel, there are many approaches you can take to remove the manual tasks you do using Microsoft every day and take advantage of all Microsoft has to offer.


People often underestimate the raw power and ability of Microsoft Excel. Using advanced formulae in Excel, whilst thinking about both your required inputs and outputs, can save hours or days of work with instantaneous reports and dashboards being available live as you input your data. Excel can also link to databases and pull data direct at the push of a button. Our team are experienced working with businesses and teams to streamline their data input and consequently minimise process time from weeks to just a few days.


Many manual and repetitive tasks can be automated using macros. Be it huge macros that remove weeks of work, or macros that automate small tasks, most tasks can be automated. These tasks can be a template task that is the same every time, or something a bit more dynamic that differs depending on certain criteria. Isn’t it astonishing? how much you can automate, allowing for more time to be spent on more pressing issues.

Advanced Word and Outlook features

Word has the power to automatically create multiple personalised PDF documents for you to distribute to several contacts or customers. This can also be combined with Outlook, allowing you to combine a single template with a document that contains the data which will send individual personalised e-mails including their own PDF attachment to those that need it meaning you don’t have to do any of it manually.