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Social Media Marketing

An essential component to get your brand seen and heard

Advertising on Social has become an essential component to get your brand seen and heard. We specialise in building and implementing Facebook Advertising Strategies but often run campaigns across all the main platforms. We can write the copy needed for your Ads and manage them on a daily basis continually optimising their performance to help your budget go the extra mile and outlast your competitors. A good social media strategy is the driving force behind the decisions we make for you. We work behind the scenes with all of our team to ensure that our work is delivering what you need it to.

Your content tells your brand story in a way your audience wants to absorb it. We curate, create and collate all the strands which pull together to make your story. We will find the content you need, keeping our eyes and ears open 24/7 listening to your fans and customers so that you don’t have to. Your community is the heart of your presence on Social and we will look after them for you.

Building relationships with influencers is key to getting your story out into the world. We look for exceptional people who will enhance your presence through superb content creation, bloggers with a highly engaged audience or well-known personalities within your sphere of influence.

A member of our team will be your main point of contact. They will keep you abreast of changes, successes and progress on a monthly basis. They are your ‘go to person’ for questions, queries or feedback and make sure that you understand what our strategy is for you and how it is performing.

  • We are a SPECIALISED team as this is what we do 24/7. Our team is highly qualified and enjoy focusing on the some subject.
  • We are FLEXIBLE because we are not industry specific and work with a variety of clients who run businesses or all shapes and sizes.
  • We are SCALABLE so we can grow with you. Adapting and changing to your needs. It’s all part of investing in a relationship with you.
  • We are AFFORDABLE because we keep our pricing competitive and can cater for your own individual budget.