CETSAT - Cyber Incident Response - Yeovil, Bridgwater, London
Telstar House, Mead Avenue, Houndstone Business Park, Yeovil, Somerset, BA22 8RT

Cyber Incident Response

When it comes to managing cyber risk, the difference between disaster and survival is preparation

Sometimes, no matter what, the unexpected occurs and you can assure that this rarely happens at a convenient time. A Cyber Attack will inevitably be one of these occasions and if the worst does happen you will find yourself needing a calm and experienced hand to guide you back to full operational effectiveness with a minimum of drama.

CETSAT have experienced the unfortunate occurrence of being called once a Cyber situation has arisen; more often straight away but on a few occasions when others have already ‘had a go’.

Whilst no one can guarantee the immediate, full recovery of data or availability of systems, our experience of both the technical and governance required in such circumstances is unsurpassed. The sensible and pragmatic approach we use when under pressure can help recover an organisation as quickly, efficiently and effectively as possible. We have experience of assisting with media relations and the information needed to inform and update both customers and suppliers.

When it comes to managing cyber risk, the difference between disaster and survival is preparation. We like to encourage cyber resilience coupled with cyber security as this enables your business to identify and detect threats faster, respond to and recover from attacks in an agile manner and help your business remain operational in the face of adversity.

Whilst we provide this service free of charge to our contracted Managed Services clients, we can and have come to the immediate assistance of many companies who have suffered a breach and are not our clients. Please do make contact with us to that we can pro-actively put a plan in place to prevent unnecessary downtime and be on stand-by should a Cyber Security breach arise for your business.