Business Requirement

CETSAT were approached by a large retail company with over 3000 high-street stores across different brands, with a need for a cost-efficient solution to help them monitor, manage and maintain C7000 Chip and Pin devices across their retail estate. A disparate mixture of systems and products was making it increasingly difficult to manage as the company grew and the range of data required increased. Information within the PEDS’ (Pin Entry Device) included status, repair details and other important data such as make & model, serial number and store name.


The solution agreed upon was to consolidate all data and applications utilising the powerful data-processing capability of SharePoint, thus making use of their existing Office365 license. The key to making it scalable as the number of terminals and data requirements increased was to build a system of relatable databases.

This allowed CETSAT to collate and filter all of the client’s vast existing information sources into one singular location, and using the new databases and lists, create lookups between them in order to show the relevant information exactly where it was needed.


By having this data accessible from a singular location and using automations for uploading, it has streamlined the client’s data processing and management system. Whilst at the same time significantly improving their reporting and monitoring abilities of the PED systems throughout their lifecycle. It can even now determine what stage of the lifecycle each unit is at, to improve and streamline the replacement programme. This has saved the client significant costs by using a system (Office365) that they already had in place and delivered the level of control they required.