A message to all our customers, partners, and suppliers to confirm our position and intent on how we can best manage COVID-19

As it stands none of our employees have contracted the virus, however, we have some employees who are in the at-risk categories or may have immediate family who are. We take our duty of care to our staff and their families very seriously and will be putting their health and welfare first and foremost at this time.

We are restricting access to our offices to all but non-essential access. If you have a prearranged meeting with us then we will be in touch to provide details for a videoconference alternative. Please also expect that we will be limiting our visits to your offices and wherever possible we will be restricting our staff’s exposure to the outside world.

We would request that you disclose if you have had any confirmed staff cases or have any staff self-isolating and we will make arrangements with you to protect our staff so that we can continue to look after your IT.

Our aim is to adapt our working practices so that we continue to provide the service that people need and expect from us whilst meeting our responsibilities for delaying the spread of COVID-19 in our community.

We understand that you may wish for our assistance to help you work remotely too. Please be patient with us as you are not alone and our service desk is unusually busy keeping up. We would ask that you read the guides and advice below before contacting our service desk

Thank you all for your understanding.

Working from home

During these unprecedented times, please use the following guides to support your working from home needs where possible;

We will continue to update these self-help guides so please check back regularly.

Working from home FAQ

Using your phone as a mobile hotspot

Connecting to a SonicWall SSL VPN

Connecting to an RDP Server/Desktop

Video Guides

Connecting to SSL VPN from Windows 10

Click here to download NetExtender for Windows 7 or 8

Connecting to SSL VPN from MacOS

Connecting to SSL VPN on a Mobile Device (iPhone/iPad/Android)