A rise in user demand caused one of CETSAT’s customers, a local sports facility, to address their
connectivity. A greater number of users required wireless connectivity and access to the internet,
however poor internet speeds impacted this. CETSAT were asked to come up with solutions to
enable staff and customers to use the internet without issue.


Our engineers will initially confirm speeds from the wireless access points through to the SonicWALL
edge device, ensuring the network and wireless aren’t impacting performance. Once we have
confirmed the network is performing well, we will balance requirement with the customer’s budget
and run through, and test, several options for a better internet service.


• Testing and troubleshooting: Wireshark packet monitor. SonicWALL diagnostic tools.
• Network: Cisco SG300 Switches,
• Internet solutions: FTTC, Satellite, Leased line, 4G.


Initial testing confirmed the local network was operating fine and the performance problems were
indeed due to poor internet connectivity. CETSAT set about finding a solution to work alongside the
customer’s current ADSL connection. Due to the remote location of the facility, CETSAT’s preferred
connectivity solution, FTTC, was unavailable. Previous poor performance through satellite internet
and the cost of Leased line left a 4G solution as the only option. CETSAT tested several providers for
signal and speed using a business grade 4G router. Once a good, strong service was found, CETSAT
recommended a 4G solution. This solution now operates as their primary internet connection and
allows staff and customers to browse the internet without issue.